The Last Skeptics Of Carlos Carnival for 2008!

The next round of the Skeptics of Carlos Australian Blog Carnival will be coming out on the 13th December!

This round will be hosted by Thinking Is Real blog!

Send in your entries to or zip them into the host for December BEFORE the 11th December – to !!!

And if you have no idea who Carlos is… his story will be featured in the next Skeptic Zone podcast ep, a tale by James Randi… ;)

We Take A November Break For A Special Announcement!

This month – we stop the carnival for several reasons – but mostly to encourage the link-love to a brand new project, but a regular contributor (and indeed, the last host!), Skelliot!

Head to the Young Australian Skeptics site for what I’ll call a good example of the philosophy behind supporting other skeptics’ writing!

There’s essays there by several of the ‘regulars’ of the Skeptics of Carlos Blog Carnival, including: Karen Stollznow of Bad Language/Skepbitch; Jack Scanlan of Homologous legs and will feature even more essays very soon!

To encourage the link-love – the Skeptics of Carlos regularly feature the likes of City of Skeptics; The Griffith University Society for Skeptics and Freethinkers; Kelosophy; Thinking Is Real; The Outer Hoard; …And Say We Did; Scepticon; The Rumanian Blog and the person-of-the-moment, Skelliot’s Weblog, who is the brains behind the Young Australian Skeptics!

Upcoming Host For October – Skelliot’s Blog

We’re heading towards the 13th of October – send in your entries to skepticsofcarlos at – in order to be featured at Skelliot’s Weblog! Suggested deadline is the 11th October.

In addition: have a look at our mention at the ABC Radio National site for ‘All In The Mind’!

Skeptics on skeptical thinking

Nobody likes being told their most cherished beliefs are based on myth and misconception. But the global skeptics movement does just that. In the classroom and beyond, All in the Mind excavates the nature of the skeptical enquiry with magician The Amazing Randi, Mythbusters’ Adam Savage and other enquiring minds.

Further Information

The Skeptics of Carlos Blog Circle (Australia)

Our contributors to the Skeptics of Carlos Blogcircle include:

City of Skeptics

The Griffith University Society for Skeptics and Freethinkers.


The Outer Hoard

…And Say We Did

Homologous Legs

Skelliot’s Weblog


The Rumanian Blog.

Thinking Is Real

Podblack Cat Blog


September Skeptics of Carlos – Haikus Ahoy!

FINALLY! It’s out!

Thanks to all who entered, thanks to those who will read them (some excellent entries despite all my rushing, so seriously, thanks for this) – and looking forward to participating next 13th October! Entries to the usual for any interested bloggers.

Blogger? Science-y? Submit To Open Laboratory!

I’ve just sent out a reminder to all the ‘regulars’ and please, if you’ve never entered before, consider doing now! I’ve had a new idea to help further promote Australian bloggers who are interested in writing about pseudoscience, the paranormal and the intersections between skepticism, society and science.

Of course, Skeptics of Carlos actively encourages all submitters to consider putting in their posts as articles for the Australian Skeptic Journal, for local publications… and now, as entries are open, for The Open Laboratory: The Best Writing on Science Blogs 2008 book!

From ‘Mind The Gap’ on the Nature Network:

“As many of you know, Open Lab, now in its third year, is an anthology highlighting the best science blog entries of the year. Famously, the entire shebang is assembled and published by hardworking volunteers in only a few weeks over Christmas and New Year, and proceeds go to support the annual Science Blogging Conference that occurs every January. The last two years the book was published print-on-demand via (urbanely edited by Bora along with guest editor Reed Cartwright). You can buy the most recent book over at Lulu, which contains a number of specimens from Nature Network denizens, and which was recently reviewed by that well-known rag, Nature.)

August Carnival – At Homologous Legs Blog!

The next Skeptics of Carlos will be hosted at the blog of Homologous Legs! If you’re unfamiliar with the Skeptics of Carlos Blog Carnival – here’s a link to the last round.

In case you need reminding:

ENTRIES – 13th August, 2008

ATHomologous Legs with the url and your blog name!

Podblack Blog – Host for July!

Yes, it’s all rolling –, with a brand new blog. Thanks to all who entered and we’ll be looking for more next month!